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About Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood House

Our History

Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood HouseCedar Cottage Neighbourhood House is a unit with the Association of Neighbourhood Houses of Greater Vancouver. Cedar Cottage was first established in 1950 by 5 fathers who identified a need for social recreational activities for youth in the Cedar Cottage/Kensington community. What resulted was the development of the Cedar Cottage Youth Club and a wide array of sports leagues, afterschool clubs and family support.

As in our history, Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood House continues to be driven by the energy and commitment of members who live or work in our local community. Through these efforts, Cedar Cottage has developed a network of preventative, community based social service programs. All programs are designed with the commitment to work in partnership with agencies, public institutions, businesses and residents to address specific social problems or needs. In addition to programs, Cedar Cottage also provides the following: supportive opportunities for volunteers, leadership in local and city-wide partnerships and support for community development initiatives, which work towards the betterment of community life. Our work helps to build caring communities where people can make friends, find supports and experience new opportunities.

Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood House is guided by the following mission statement:

"We are a volunteer-driven, community service agency. Our mission is to make neighbourhoods better places to live. Our goal is to enable people to enhance their lives and strengthen their communities. Our challenge is to work with communities to develop innovative programs and services that meet the changing needs of a diverse population."

As a neighbourhood house, Cedar Cottage is concerned for neighbourhood life as a whole in the Cedar Cottage/Kensington community. Cedar Cottage endeavours to address specific barriers to participation with the provision of low cost, culturally sensitive, participant driven and locally based programs.

What is a Neighbourhood House?

  • Provide a rich array of programs and activities, serving a cross section of population groups
  • Improve neighbourhoods and the lives of its residents through Capacity Building approach
  • Advance local leadership and encourage neighbours' involvement
  • Promote residents' participation and involvement
  • Build social networks
  • Foster a sense of identity and committment to the neighbourhood
  • Provide services that integrate into the daily life of residents
  • Connect various groups in the community with each other and create a common ground across groups to enrich the social fabric of the neighbourhood
  • Connect the neighbourhood with other neighbourhoods and connect with other services, facilities, both locally and beyond
  • Provided venues for celebrations